Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inspirations for Autumn

How gorgeous has it been in Melbourne lately? I really do love this early to mid-20's business so keep it up! All the better to try the new season trends...
It's been a whirl of work and parties lately in my life, so this weekend I'm very much looking forward to sleeping in, hanging out with my boyfriend and taking it easy. We might go see a movie and do a yoga class or something but that is it.
Work has been up and down - things have gotten extremely busy for various reasons this year and unfortunately a lot of it is on my shoulders to take care of. Most of the time here I'm treated really well too, but recently there's been a bit of stuff happening that makes me think twice. I won't say any more but there's my little vent.
Still having fun writing and it's motivating me to be creative in other ways, or at least I'm planning some creative projects. Now to find the time to actually execute them!
Payday this weekend thank goodness, so time to start dreaming and plotting my new season wardrobe I think. I'm absolutely loving all of the camel and neutrals mixed with black (see Lauren Conrad above for one of my inspirations) and am in serious lust for a pair of flat ankle boots, black of course.
Mwah x

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Something Old, Something New

I'm in the process of going through my old Mac and transferring all my files, so have been going through a lot of old stuff and came across these styling pics from years ago in London!

Have heaps more so might do a few extra posts with them :) Makes me wish sometimes that I was still styling, or at least that it was still a part of my life. Really enjoying the writing I've been doing the past few months and will be covering New York fashion week in a couple of days, so that will be fun!

Hmm, what else has been going on? Work has been pretty insanely busy with me taking on some more duties too, so apart from spending time with my parents on their recent Melbourne trip I haven't been too social.

It's the boyfriend's birthday this weekend though, which should be a big one! Have a few fun trips planned this year too - Sydney in May, Perth at the end of July and several weekends away (romantical of course).