Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A cut above

Just browsing through some of the resort collections on and saw these beauties by Proenza Schouler - think I'm in love!

Hopefully by the time Spring roles around in the Souther Hemisphere, some local designer will do a more affordable-for-me knock off....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful Christina & a Tribute to Curves

I was reading the Age newspaper online this morning (often do whilst eating my breakfast and sipping my coffee at work), and came across this lovely article about one of my favourite ladies, Christina Hendricks (who plays Joan Holloway on Mad Men).

As my body has changed over the years from a tiny, flat-chested size 8 to the voluptuous size 14-16 I am today, I have verrrrrrry gradually become comfortable in my skin, and it is having role models like Christina that has enabled me to do so.

Recently I have also started reading fashion/style blogs like frocks and frou frou (, Fatshionable (, Curves to Kill (, Fashion Hayley ( and Curvy Girl Chic ( I find all of these women inspiring and fun - well worth a daily read!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Further inspiration

This is Diane Birch - a singer from America. I have never heard her music, but was just browsing and came across her picture...further inspiration for a fringe *and* remotivating me to buy a trench coat.

Ooh, and Vogue's article says she loves hats...and I love hats! BFF's, non? (Actually, reading the article kind of made me dislike her...she comes across imo as someone who thinks she's sooo different, when really she's like any other mid-20's hipster wannabe). But, I shall ignore this, and dream of new hair and new coats.

My sister arrives in Melbourne for a holiday next weekend, which will be a good excuse for shopping heaven :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's a curly one

Am back to being a little bored with my hair at the moment, and thinking of having a fringe cut. I'm happy with my current length (just resting on my shoulders when curly), but just feeling a little blag and boring.

Was thinking maybe of a fringe like this, as Rachel Bilson has a round-ish face like mine:

But then this fringe that Keira Knightly has looks like easier to maintain:

Or Karen Elson's fringe (and I love her colour):

My idea I think is to be able to wear the rest of my hair either curly or straight, so the fringe has to suit that. Sometimes a Bettie Page style can work really well curly, but I don't know if that would suit my face. Usually I can get one to two days out of my fringe before I need to wash my hair, so it needs to be versatile....

I haven't even made a hair appointment yet, so it's all still musing at the moment :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Moment in July...

This post is inspired by my friends Laurie & Briony! (Although they did their "moments" in June, and I am a few days late).

Listening I mostly have RRR radio station on at home, but between us, my boyfriend and I have a big music collection too. Lately have been listening to New Pornographers (their new album is awesome!), Eddie Current Supression Ring, Queens of the Stone Age and old Rolling Stones stuff.

Reading a book called "Brightness Falls" by Jay McInerney. It's about a couple who live in New York, and set in the late 80's. Also this weeks Grazia magazine, and waiting for my Shop Till You Drop mag to arrive.

Watching series 2 of Entourage - I've seen up to the end of S4 I think, but Simon had never seen it so we're re-watching together. Just finished S3 of Sopranos and we tried to buy S3 of Mad Men over the weekend but JB's on Chapel St had sold out!

Buying new pillows for the bedroom, two pairs of new jeans, brown wedge heels (too cute) and a slow cooker.

Wanting a new tv for the lounge room. Our current set-top box is dying, and it's driving me a little crazy. Also, a clothes dryer.

Trying to get over a sinus infection and the flu I had last week. So tired. Have been pretty healthy though and am conscious lately of being mindful about what and how much I eat.

Loving our new heater - oil heater, 11 fins, from target with a timer switch. It's made getting up in the morning so much easier! The new puppy Coco, I met yesterday. She is 11 weeks old, and a border collie.

Planning fun times for when my sister Brianna comes to visit me in Melbourne (next weekend), and a trip to Simon's family farm at the end of July.

Writing trying to keep up with emails to friends & family, and also my blog

Inspired By Simon's aunt Barb who overcame cancer to recently give birth to gorgeous baby Alexander, and Miranda's sister Brooke who is unfortunately having to continue her cancer battle. Nothing I am going through compares to the strength these ladies have got and have needed to draw upon.