Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's a curly one

Am back to being a little bored with my hair at the moment, and thinking of having a fringe cut. I'm happy with my current length (just resting on my shoulders when curly), but just feeling a little blag and boring.

Was thinking maybe of a fringe like this, as Rachel Bilson has a round-ish face like mine:

But then this fringe that Keira Knightly has looks like easier to maintain:

Or Karen Elson's fringe (and I love her colour):

My idea I think is to be able to wear the rest of my hair either curly or straight, so the fringe has to suit that. Sometimes a Bettie Page style can work really well curly, but I don't know if that would suit my face. Usually I can get one to two days out of my fringe before I need to wash my hair, so it needs to be versatile....

I haven't even made a hair appointment yet, so it's all still musing at the moment :)

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Anonymous said...

must be something about winter...i have been thinking about a fringe too!! know any good hair inspiration websites?