Thursday, February 25, 2010

London Fashion Week - A/W 2010

I wasn't as blown away by London Fashion Week this season, but did love the details and colour shown in Jasper Conran's collection:

Jasper Conran AW2010

And I really loved this beautiful fabric that Bora Aksu used:

Bora Aksu AW 2010

Plus, there was the lovely Geri Halliwell, who took part in Naomi Campbell's Relief Haiti show (I always have a soft spot for a fellow ginger):

Geri @ Relief Haiti

And in my own personal fashion news - I'm coveting slinky pencil skirts, structured jackets, a new black pea coat, some new nude heels, black pumps and black ballet flats and a beautiful drapey dress from Veronika Maine. Bring on payday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NY Fashion Week - A/W 2010

Browsing through the photos from New York Fashion Week (A/W 2010) and came across this perfect leather jacket from L.A.M.B:

Dream leather jacket - LAMB

Also loving this photo of Gwen, with her models (I want her hair!)

LAMB AW 2010

The ornate collections from Diane von Furstenberg:

Diane von Furstenberg

and Monique L'hullier:

Monique L'hullier AW 2010

Monique L'hullier

My eternal favourite, Betsey Johnson:

Betsey Johnson AW2010

Betsey Johnson salute

And the shoe fetish-ist in me just swooned for this pair of Louboutins on an audience member:


Ciao for now darlings!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Lee McQueen

McQueen Butterflies

I was watching the news this morning whilst having breakfast, and saw the news that Alexander McQueen has died, at the age of 40.

Now I have loved fashion pretty much since I was two, and literally grew up in the fabric departments of Myer and Aherns, flipping through the pattern books and playing with the habadashary with my mother.

But it wasn't until I moved to London at age 22, that my overwhelming adoration and obsession began, and that had a lot to do with Alexander McQueen.

I had already had a brief flirtation with London fashion & music my first trip there (we lived down the street from EMI records, and would see Blur all the time!), but the second time Cool Britannia had hit and all these amazing designers were let loose.

Alexander McQueen tailoring

McQueen's influence for me really started with his love of tailoring (which I assume sprang from his apprenticeship on Saville Row). The way that a piece of fabric could transform or enhance your shape - this was magic to me. And then over the years his amazing collections would always be a stand-out...even if it wasn't necessarily something I would wear (or could afford), I was always moved.

Alexander McQueen drag

So to hear of Lee McQueen's passing has really affected me. It seems odd to be this affected by the death of a man I have never met, and whose life has been so different to mine, but I suppose his designs (and what they represent) made such an impact on me that I feel like a little part of my past has gone too.


RIP Mr McQueen - you certainly won't be forgotten.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ooh la la

Ooh la la indeed - just been trawling the web looking at some of the upcoming collections and I found these gorgeous dresses from Friends of Couture's A/W 2010 collection:

Friends of Couture dresses

And I'm simply in love with this hat (although I don't know how I'd go on the streets of Melbourne with it):

Friends of Couture cardi

For more on this collection, you should take a look at Style Melbourne's blog (the link is in my faves)

I have decided my most pressing shopping needs however, are definitely summery work clothes. Luckily, almost all the recent mags have had articles on putting together a great capsule work wardrobe, so I've been very inspired. Now only to have the money to shop!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Naughty Zuel!

Gah - so here I am again after not writing anything for months! I was thinking that I need to start writing again, so have made a pact with myself to try and update this blog once a week (minimum). So you have my official blessing to rap my knuckles if I don't keep it up!

Back to fashion - I am simply longing to be able to wear autumn/winter clothes again, especially with all the magazines touting the new collections. Did I mention I'm a magazine junkie?)

Unfortunately it's high summer right now, so I'm stuck trying to work my favourite things into a summery outfit. Ah well, that's why god invented accessories, right?

Mr Zuel and I recently moved to a new apartment, and I have discovered a new favourite shop on Carlilse Street, Balaclava, called Little Lost Land. Its filled with new and vintage treasures and well worth a look if you're down this way.

Because of the new apartment, I've also extended my magazine habit to design & interiors. Its so exciting to see it all come together, and to change various inspirations into our own style reality.

Ok, well I'd better fly! Staying in tonight to get my beauty sleep and do my nails (or perhaps the other way around)...tomorrow, Ikea and Inspirasia await.