Friday, February 5, 2010

Naughty Zuel!

Gah - so here I am again after not writing anything for months! I was thinking that I need to start writing again, so have made a pact with myself to try and update this blog once a week (minimum). So you have my official blessing to rap my knuckles if I don't keep it up!

Back to fashion - I am simply longing to be able to wear autumn/winter clothes again, especially with all the magazines touting the new collections. Did I mention I'm a magazine junkie?)

Unfortunately it's high summer right now, so I'm stuck trying to work my favourite things into a summery outfit. Ah well, that's why god invented accessories, right?

Mr Zuel and I recently moved to a new apartment, and I have discovered a new favourite shop on Carlilse Street, Balaclava, called Little Lost Land. Its filled with new and vintage treasures and well worth a look if you're down this way.

Because of the new apartment, I've also extended my magazine habit to design & interiors. Its so exciting to see it all come together, and to change various inspirations into our own style reality.

Ok, well I'd better fly! Staying in tonight to get my beauty sleep and do my nails (or perhaps the other way around)...tomorrow, Ikea and Inspirasia await.

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