Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miu Miu, designer lament & faux fur goodness

Check out these photos from the Fall 2010 Miu Miu collection - beautiful texture and colour - swoon!

And this coat, from the same collection, is just what I need for the company retreat in Cradle Mountain next week. If only I had a designer budget, le sigh.

Actually, I was talking to a friend recently who I grew up with (the lovely Kitty LaRue) and lamenting the lack of our designer purchases of late. Also wondering how the hell we managed to shop so well back in the day, where did we get the money? Oh yeah, that's right...we didn't eat, haha! I think I used to spend 20 pounds a week on my grocery bill, which left plenty of dough left over for the more important things in life, like D&G shoes or a Miu Miu dress.

Today am wearing a faux fur coat that I realised I have owned for 15 years!! Of course its not in perfect condition anymore, the clasp is broken and so I can no longer actually do it up (also perhaps has something to do with the fact that when I bought the coat I was a size 10)....but amazingly it still looks fabulous and is very warm. With the freezing cold weather we've had recently in Melbourne, a snuggly warm coat is an essential! (Might look for a faux fur coat I can actually do up over the "girls" though....leopard print is a-calling, but perhaps something black?)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is the gorgeous Tiah Eckhardt - a fellow Perth girl, and redhead. I remember her from the Search for a Supermodel show that also launched Gemma Ward and Nicole Trunfio in the early/mid 00's, but in the following years she has just become more and more stunning and I think really come into her own. (And she's a mum!)

I'm not sure if it's the red hair, but she also really reminds me of Karen Elson right now.

(Btw, these pics are from New Zealand magazine "No")

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going over the knee...

So I've been talking with my boss this morning about over the knee boots. They're one of those fashion items that can go one of two ways imo - oh so chic with a pair of cute baggy shorts and opaques, or straying into hookers-ville when you go micro mini skirt/julia roberts in pretty women stylee.

Ooh, and I love love loved it when Anne Hathaway rocked a pair of over-the-knees with some leather pants and that HOT hair in Devil Wears Prada.

For me, I'd be likely to go for a flat pair of boots, black leather and go the way of Hillary Duff in the photo above, or one of my all-time faves, Miss Kate Moss. The way Hayden has styled her boots has left her a little stumpy (but then again I think she is quite petite).

Currently also loving this girl, challening a Prince-does-Chanel look imo:

and wondering if I could pull this off. Not sure the long, loose layers work on curves....might only be a skinny-girl look.

In other (rather adorable) news...last night I had the train journey from hell, getting home at 9pm. My boyfriend made us dinner, and waited for me to be home to eat...he'd made a pasta bake and written "I heart E.D." in tomato paste on top of the dinner. Soooo so sweet, and totally distracted me from wanting to stab half of Metro Trains for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's funny how people change - this afternoon I was picking up my boyfriend's jeans from the tailor, and it got me thinking how I used to be so fixated on my measurements. For instance, I totally remember writing in my diary how upset I was because my waist measured "a disgusting 27 inches". (That's exactly what I wrote).

What the hell was wrong with me that I thought having a 27 inch waist made me fat??? Crazy times.

These days my waist is far from that tiny measurement, and I'm way more focused on embracing my curves and dressing to highlight them. Of course it would be great to have a naturally slim waist like I had in the past...but I probably enjoy my food a lot more nowadays, and so if that means being a bigger size, then so be it.

I'm actually a much happier person being non-model-sized, and I know my boyfriend appreciates my curves too. I'm not saying I don't have my down days or fat days, but it's a lot more relaxing just being who I am, rather than freaking out about gaining an inch around my waist!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ladies I Love

Bebe Buell (Liv Tyler's mum), and a really cool lady)


Pamela Des Barres (have you read her books about music/groupiedom in the 60's & 70's? Must must must read...plus I heard that they're making a tv show or movie with Zoe Deschanel based on the first book!)


Jean Shrimpton (so photogenic and awesomely cool)


Marilyn Monroe (even though she had a pretty tragic life, there is something in Marilyn's eyes that always draws me in. One of my favourite books of all time is the Marilyn book by Bert Stern (the last sitting), and recently I received a really lovely compliment comparing my skin to Marilyn's glowing complexion)


Leopard print, how I love thee


There are a couple of prints that I simply cannot go past - navy & white polkadots, anything stripey (but especially a breton stripe) and leopard.

I love leopard as it reminds me of 50's kitch mixed with pin-up girl style, which is right up my alley. I make it a point to obviously not wear more than one leopard print item at a time, as otherwise it can stray into the land of tackiness.

I actually only have three leopard items in the house (two leopard print faux fur cushions, and a lampshade that my friend Miranda helped me make) but wardrobe-wise own a leopard print beret, pencil skirt, ponyskin clutch and the vintage coat I'm wearing in the photo above.

Now, keeping in mind that I'm currently rocking my new pair of trenery cigarette pants week after week, and also do have a lot of black....do you think a pair of leopard ballet flats would be pushing the leopard-limits?