Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going over the knee...

So I've been talking with my boss this morning about over the knee boots. They're one of those fashion items that can go one of two ways imo - oh so chic with a pair of cute baggy shorts and opaques, or straying into hookers-ville when you go micro mini skirt/julia roberts in pretty women stylee.

Ooh, and I love love loved it when Anne Hathaway rocked a pair of over-the-knees with some leather pants and that HOT hair in Devil Wears Prada.

For me, I'd be likely to go for a flat pair of boots, black leather and go the way of Hillary Duff in the photo above, or one of my all-time faves, Miss Kate Moss. The way Hayden has styled her boots has left her a little stumpy (but then again I think she is quite petite).

Currently also loving this girl, challening a Prince-does-Chanel look imo:

and wondering if I could pull this off. Not sure the long, loose layers work on curves....might only be a skinny-girl look.

In other (rather adorable) news...last night I had the train journey from hell, getting home at 9pm. My boyfriend made us dinner, and waited for me to be home to eat...he'd made a pasta bake and written "I heart E.D." in tomato paste on top of the dinner. Soooo so sweet, and totally distracted me from wanting to stab half of Metro Trains for the rest of the night.


gammagum said...

I am totally teasing Simon about that. But very sweet :) I would also like to stab metro trains. Grrr

Shannon said...

I remember watching Devil Wears Prada and when Anne Hathaway come out all madeover looking like that I told my boyfried that I MUST have that outfit.

I don't but still hold out hope.

P.S Hillary looks terrible