Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miu Miu, designer lament & faux fur goodness

Check out these photos from the Fall 2010 Miu Miu collection - beautiful texture and colour - swoon!

And this coat, from the same collection, is just what I need for the company retreat in Cradle Mountain next week. If only I had a designer budget, le sigh.

Actually, I was talking to a friend recently who I grew up with (the lovely Kitty LaRue) and lamenting the lack of our designer purchases of late. Also wondering how the hell we managed to shop so well back in the day, where did we get the money? Oh yeah, that's right...we didn't eat, haha! I think I used to spend 20 pounds a week on my grocery bill, which left plenty of dough left over for the more important things in life, like D&G shoes or a Miu Miu dress.

Today am wearing a faux fur coat that I realised I have owned for 15 years!! Of course its not in perfect condition anymore, the clasp is broken and so I can no longer actually do it up (also perhaps has something to do with the fact that when I bought the coat I was a size 10)....but amazingly it still looks fabulous and is very warm. With the freezing cold weather we've had recently in Melbourne, a snuggly warm coat is an essential! (Might look for a faux fur coat I can actually do up over the "girls" though....leopard print is a-calling, but perhaps something black?)

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Anonymous said...

Oh lovely!! I love the coat with the lace tatting type embroidery!

Good luck finding a coat! I have been trying to find a nice one that will fit over my 'girls' for ages. I have a nice wool one I bought in the UK but would love something with a little more character but am having terrible luck.