Wednesday, July 8, 2009

#1 Desire for the week

I walk down Collins Street in Melbourne every day on the way to and from work, and this particular bag from Wittner is currently beckoning to me....

Can't find a picture to show you, but its the beautiful navy & white stripy clutch, named "Camille".

Check it out at: and if you're super lovely, buy it for me darling?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Darling Dior

Ohhh, I am so in love!! Just had a look at the latest Dior show from the amazing and inspirational John Galliano, and these are my faves: (pics from The Age website btw)

All-over stunning:

I think I shall always have a thing for leopard...

And how Dynasty/Joan Collins/bloody fantastic is this hat!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Chanel, and other such ramblings

Currently hanging out to see the new film about Coco Chanel! I totally love Audrey Tatou, and am also hoping they focus on her design work as much as they do her life. I can never go past anything Chanel (or on my budget Chanel-esque!)...even though my figure is certainly more to the hourglass shape rather than the original flapper girl of the 1920's.

I like to describe my personal style as "quirky classic"...which basically means I do base my wardrobe around the classic shapes and colours that have always done a girl a favour, but also like to mix in my own twist. Today's outfit for work is a pair of man-style black pants, black & grey tiny striped top with a black cardigan over the top, black beads, black patent leather heels (with a vintage edge), hair has been left curly and bobbed, and topped with my faithful raspberry beret.

Speaking of Chanel, and quirky classics, how fantastic are these shoes:

I'm in love!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Currently lusting after an amazing pair of red high heeled slippers, featured in an inStyle article about Dita Von Teese. Certainly I do tend to drool over most things Dita-esque...but these shoes are just stunning. They're on page 56 of the new InStyle magazine (Australian) if you're curious.

Also considering a sequinned beret. I currently own about 4 berets (black felt, raspberry felt, white woollen and grey woollen), but am thinking a sequinned beret might make a fetching addition to the collection, in kind of a Roseanna Arquette in "Desperately Seeking Susan" way - you know, after she regained her memory but still kept the "Susan" style, when she's making out with Aiden Quinn in the cinema.

Hmm, I don't know, still thinking about it!

Also considering the purchase of a 1950's style frilly apron, to surprise my man with on our upcoming holiday. Apron + nothing else but a pair of heels and a smile of course...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Style Melbourne & Zuel's Accessory Designs

If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend a visit to "Style Melbourne" - a design and style website centred around all things fashion!

Plus they were kind enough to include some of my accessory designs in their "We Love" column a few months ago:

It hasn't been that great in accessory design land for me really - the crappy economic times have definitely hit Elena Dwyer Designs in the hip pocket. Two of the websites I used to sell through have gone broke, plus another of my suppliers couldn't afford to buy as much of a range this season.

Still keeping my chin up though, as I am a firm believer in staying positive and the whole "what goes up, does come down" cycle. Things will swing my way again, and in the meantime I'm just having fun being creative.

Current love: the black beret complete with attached peacock feather I saw the other day. Swoon!

Ear Muffs - yay or nay?

Would I look cute as a button, or just downright silly?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Belated Return of Maxie et Zuel

Wow - I can't believe we haven't written here in almost a year!! Not long after the last post, I ended up losing my (rather boring) admin job, so was pretty much consumed with finding a new one.

Luckily it didn't take me too long, and I now work in the wonderful world of Recruitment! I really enjoy being able to help people, and am also finding I get to discover lots of the eccentricities of the human psyche, which is never dull.

Maxie has also started a new blog - kind of a "how to" and advice regarding all things bombshell and ladylike.

Things are still amazing with Mr Zuel, in fact, we are off to Tasmania in a couple of weeks, for a romantic/boozy/foodie week away. I have been stocking up on elbow-length gloves and am planning a glamorous, yet warm travelling wardrobe.

Anyway petals, I promise it won't be too long between posts again. Mwah - zuel xo