Monday, June 29, 2009

Chanel, and other such ramblings

Currently hanging out to see the new film about Coco Chanel! I totally love Audrey Tatou, and am also hoping they focus on her design work as much as they do her life. I can never go past anything Chanel (or on my budget Chanel-esque!)...even though my figure is certainly more to the hourglass shape rather than the original flapper girl of the 1920's.

I like to describe my personal style as "quirky classic"...which basically means I do base my wardrobe around the classic shapes and colours that have always done a girl a favour, but also like to mix in my own twist. Today's outfit for work is a pair of man-style black pants, black & grey tiny striped top with a black cardigan over the top, black beads, black patent leather heels (with a vintage edge), hair has been left curly and bobbed, and topped with my faithful raspberry beret.

Speaking of Chanel, and quirky classics, how fantastic are these shoes:

I'm in love!


Katya said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!

prashant said...

.but these shoes are just stunning. They're on page 56 of the new InStyle magazine (Australian) if you're curious.
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prashant said...

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