Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tag Team

My lovely friend over at Oriental Hotel has tagged me (p.s. - am excited to catch up on Weds!)

1. What is the last book you read, did you like it?

The last book I read was "Hungry" by Crystal Renn, and I really liked it, plus could relate to the story & author on many levels.

2. Do you have any travels planned in the near future, where to?

Ooh, I'm off to Perth in November this year, which should be fun! Then next year Simon and I would love to go to Europe - with definite stops in London and Glasgow.

3. Do you prefer tea or coffee

I love both, but probably drink more coffee in Melbourne, and more tea when I'm with my parents in Perth (they are tea addicts for sure!)

4. Where were you born?

Fremantle, WA

5. What is your favourite work of art?

I honestly could not pick just one. I actually really love Andy Warhol a lot, but am also very taken in with Monet. I also love different photographers, from Man Ray to Richard Avedon.

6. What is your favourite breakfast food?

I love bagels and home-made muffins - yum!

7. What is the last picture you saved/uploaded to your computer?

It was this one, as I really love her hair, and am still trying to decide what to do with my own :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New lease on life!

I'm not sure if it's the fact it's actually springtime (well, a couple of sunny days make it for me!), or that there are so many gorgeous Spring/Summer collections hitting the stores, but I really feel today like I have a new lease on life!

I have a feeling of renewed energy and happiness today - hurrah. Just had a lovely cup of green tea and am planning on sushi for lunch, having my eyebrows done tonight and thinking of getting a pedicure this all that would be complete if I could be on a picnic blanket in a beautiful park somewhere with my beloved, and a bottle of champagne - bliss!

Have decided I need to do a bit of a wardrobe evaluation for spring; we've been having a home cleanse, which has felt fantastic, so it's definitely time for my seasonal wardrobe cleanse too. (The most important reason is to see what I can get rid of, to make room for all my new lusts and loves, of course).

I have booked my tickets to Perth for my friend Kate's wedding - so exciting!! It's in November, on a winery, in the Perth now all I'm pondering (ok, freaking out about) is what to wear.

My perth friends are all very much summer girls, and I'm the quirky, fashion-y one who honestly never feels like I have the "summer" look down pat, so I want to fit in (yet remain my sense of style) and dress appropriately for the occasion. I'm thinking of getting my Perth hairdresser to come over to my parent's place to do my hair - might go Mad Men inspiration, or maybe a Lauren Conrad-esque look with long, loose waves/curls.

Elena, you might say, relax for godsakes! The wedding isn't until November, and it's only September now! Gah, it's one of my issues in life that I tend to stress about the silliest things. Le sigh.

Bought the cutest pair of faux snakeskin kitten heel pumps at the weekend btw, and am already plotting a Betty Draper skirt and pedal pushers to go with them. Will be grabbing denim pedal pushers too as soon as I see them. Ooh, and my supplied arrived yesterday for the wedding jewellery (I'm making Kate's bridesmaid's jewellery - all Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired. Exciting!) so I shall be a creative bunny for the next little while.

And did I mention that it's my birthday in approximately a month? I am at the stage where I'm freaking out about being old, which will soon transition into excitement for celebrating my birthday. I've been through this cycle since I was 19, so have almost come to expect it (and I don't let myself down, haha). I know my boyfriend has something nice planned on the Friday before my birthday, but I'm not sure how I want to celebrate with friends yet. Decisions, decisions. xoxox

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A moment of me - August 2010

Haha, so like last time I'm a few days late with this, but whatver, right?

LISTENING: heaps of old stuff at the moment, esp Stooges and Ramones, with a bit of the War Child compilation and Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers thrown in for good measure.

READING: Just finished reading two awesome books actually - an oral history of Punk (which has obviously been inspiring my music choices), and "Hungry" by Crystal Renn. As someone who's also had body/food issues and worked as a model, it was such an inspiring read for me.

WATCHING: Mad Men S3 and about to start Mad Men S4, and my friend Bri is sending me the "Heidi's Face" doco she taped off MTV for me (unsurprisingly, it's so bad it's good). Want to see S3 of True Blood too. Saw Inception at the movies recently, and LOVED it.

BUYING: Had a good trip to DFO the other day where I bought a cardigan & some pants from CR, and some cute ballet flats from wittner that have gold studded bows on the t-bar.

WANTING: Not to feel so tired. Work has been nutso again and I need more sleep!

TRYING: To get early nights :)

LOVING: New seasons fashions, the small bits of sunshine we're getting, and as always, Simon!

PLANNING: The trip to Perth in November for Kate & Gareth's wedding! I'm heading back to my hometown for 10 days, to see my family, and one of my best friends get married. Bliss! (Also trying not to panic about what to wear to the wedding. Its at a winery in the Perth summertime, so the trick is to look glamorous, but not too dolled up, and to feel cool).

WRITING: Emails and my blog, but also twitter again, as I have my iphone up and running.

INSPIRED BY: My sister, who is going through a tough time in her personal life at the moment. My mum, who is being there for my sister, and also has gone back to Uni to study nursing.

Have a fantastic weekend lovelies! I'm off to have a massage xoxox