Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dovima with Elephants

Is this not one of the most elegant photos of all time? One of my favourites, anyway, by the late Richard Avedon. Le sigh.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

True Blood Love & Election Drama

Ok, for starters, there is something incredibly hot about that Rolling Stone cover - drool! And how lovely is this - Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer got married this weekend.

I'm in much better spirits (and health) than my last post, which is good. We even had a warm couple of hours in Melbourne yesterday, which makes me feel like winter is lifting perhaps. It's funny, cos I really do love winter, but it does feel like it's been a longer, colder winter this year...you know when you get to a certain point and are just craving the next season? That's me right now.

Our computer is currently with a friend being mended (hopefully), and I also now have an iphone, so can respond to comments finally (my work computer allows me to post, but not to comment - for some reason writing is allowed, but commenting is "social networking", haha).

Had a fun weekend - but it's pretty annoying having to wait (with baited breath, I might add) for the election results. I really do actually fear for the country if Tony Abbott is our new PM. Argh.

Ooh, in other news, have you heard that there's a documentary about Heidi Montag? Apparently she's had 30 plastic surgery procedures....and she's only 23 or 24 years old...so that both scares me, saddens me, and draws me in to watch the documentary. Here's a before and after of Miss Montag:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am sick, and other reasons why I hate the world

I have been sick for almost a week now, and I'm fed up!! Stupid sinus & chest infection and a relentless cough that is truly driving me crazy, grr.

And on top of that our home computer has gone insane, and even with new virus software is refusing to work. I just got a new iphone, but am unable to set it up because I can't sync it with the computer, argh. I could do it with our Mac, but the better itunes collection is on the laptop, so double argh.

Then the stupid lady at the train station this morning, announces over the loudspeaker that we should make sure we hurry getting onto the trains, as they're only supposed to be at the station for 20 seconds and so if we (the passengers) take our time getting on, then *we* cause all the delays. Like omg, how insulting!!

p.s. - hurry up tax return money - I need you!

Here is a photo of Mr Shuffles to make me feel a bit better:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boys don't make passes, at girls who wear glasses...

So today when getting ready for work, I lost a contact lens somewhere in my bathroom! I had taken a leisurely lie-in, so didn't really have the time, but I spent a good 5 minutes looking for the lens on my bathroom floor, to no avail.

As my vision is pretty bad long distance, I pretty much need glasses or contacts to help me through the day! So our came my trusty glasses, which are black, square-ish and have an orange inner to the frame. My boyfriend is often commenting how much he likes me in glasses, so of course that's an incentive, and I do like the retro style that they encourage but honestly contact lens are usually an easier option (don't have to worry about prescription sunglasses etc)

Today I built my outfit around my glasses - leopard print woollen cropped cardigan, black blousy top, black skinny pants, black ballet flats, and my hair is up & back in a messy bun, with the top teased and held with a black 60's style headband.

Am thinking about keeping up the glasses wearing for the next few weeks - what do you think?