Monday, May 11, 2009

Style Melbourne & Zuel's Accessory Designs

If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend a visit to "Style Melbourne" - a design and style website centred around all things fashion!

Plus they were kind enough to include some of my accessory designs in their "We Love" column a few months ago:

It hasn't been that great in accessory design land for me really - the crappy economic times have definitely hit Elena Dwyer Designs in the hip pocket. Two of the websites I used to sell through have gone broke, plus another of my suppliers couldn't afford to buy as much of a range this season.

Still keeping my chin up though, as I am a firm believer in staying positive and the whole "what goes up, does come down" cycle. Things will swing my way again, and in the meantime I'm just having fun being creative.

Current love: the black beret complete with attached peacock feather I saw the other day. Swoon!

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