Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A new job

Ok, so you know how much I love reality tv - The Hills & The City in particular? Well guess who just scored a plum new job, as Fashion Contributor for the site hills2city?

I've only just started, but if you go to and check out the trend alert...well that's me :)

I'm really enjoying having a writing assignment again, and hopefully people will enjoy my writing!

(In other news, how beautiful is Lauren Conrad's coat in that photo? It almost makes me happy that it's still freaking freezing here in November.)

I'm off to sunny Perth in one week! It really came up soon, and I'm so excited. Probably won't be any sailing though, as my Dad has hurt his knee again and is on strict instructions to rest for 6-8 weeks. It's probably driving him crazy, as he loves sailing so much.

This Sunday I have a spa day, a massage during the week and will be out to dinner with my beloved. I'll be in Perth for a week before he flies over, and we haven't been apart that long since we moved in together, so it's going to seem a little weird. I will miss waking up next to him for sure. On the upside though, it's going to be great spending time one on one with my family and friends - we're already organising catch-ups!

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