Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marc Jacobs, I f-ing love you!

I was reading an article recently on Showstudio ( about the collections, and the writer Alex Fury says something pretty cool and seeminly, totally spot-on:

"at New York Fashion Week the focus is arguably more on the clothes than anywhere else. In London, it's about newness - new talent, new ideas, brave new fashion frontiers forged. In Milan, it's about big bucks and even bigger business - you don't go there expecting to be surprised. In Paris it's about haute couture and high art, and qu'ils mangent de la brioche to commercial considerations. Old or new, designers in New York seem resolutely focussed on what people actually want to wear."

He goes on to say that Marc Jacobs recent collection was a perfect example of this, and omg, I am totally in love with this dress! I want it to be on me, to misquote Ron Burgundy. Swoon!

Marc Jacobs AW 2010

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Coco said...

I love how he takes a dress so simple and tweaks it so create something so beautiful and unique. The man is a genius.