Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pretty Ladies to inspire me

Just realised I haven't posted anything here in a few weeks - it truly has been a whirlwind lately, but also one of those moments where if I sat down and tried to work out exactly what I'd been up to, it would be hard to say!

Just lots of work, play and interstate visitors, which has all been lovely, but left me pretty tired.

Ok, my computer is being silly right now, and not letting me access my photobucket, so pics will come later...but I wanted to say something about two different ladies - Karen Elson and Olivia Palermo. I (not so secretly) am a big fan of The Hills and The City, and one of the main things that drew me into both shows was the fashion and styling. Olivia Palermo is the "bitch" of The City, and honestly can often come across as a total airhead idiot. However, the girl is simply beautiful and omg, that hair! I am in the process of growing my hair at the moment (going from a 1920's bob to long wavy hair I think), and Olivia's hair is very covetable. Miss Palermo is always turned out very well too - classic, with a twist.

Onto Miss Elson (or should I say, Mrs Jack White). This YSL ad starring Karen from a few years ago has long been a favourite of mine. That's another reason why I want to have longer hair again - so that I can have wild curls, pretty waves (hello Lauren Conrad) and the Rita Hayworth barrel curls often favoured by Karen Elson. Oh, and I'm sure my straightener will get a look-in from time to time.

In the meantime though, I'm going through the dreaded "growing out" phase. And as someone who is known for her great hair (no modesty here today), I feel like I'm only getting about one good hair day a week. Grr. Might have to visit the hairdresser for some in-between styling assistance. Winter could also hurry up so that I may start wearing my berets and hats again.

Ok, zuel over and out. Have a lovely weekend lovelies xoxo

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