Monday, May 9, 2011

More A/W 2011 Inspiration

How cute is this outfit from Paper Crown? Love! Can totally see this working for different occasions and even reworked a little for the office.

So Sydney was AWESOME! The whole weekend was 20 degrees, sunny and gorgeous. In comparison, this morning in Melbourne it's 4 degrees! Crazy.

We went to a few cool pubs - The Local, The Lord Nelson, The Argyle, had cocktails at the Opera Bar, great dinners (mostly asian), found the Sydney equivalent to Weekender and spent a day in Manly by the beach.

Zara was a real disappointment though! My friend C and I both felt it was like a big jumble sale with clothing hard to see, hard to find the right sizes, massive lines to even try stuff on...and in the end we decided to leave without trying anything on. We both ended up finding really nice things at Witchery, French Connection and General Pants, which of course we could've done in Melbourne too, but oh well.

Maybe when people get over the excitement of Zara it will be better? The Melbourne shop opens in June I think, so we'll see. Oh, and I also found out that typically the Zara sizes are only for skinny minnies, which sucks a bit. A UK friend told me that they really only go up to a size 12. Hopefully the Oz versions will be a bit more figure-friendly.

This weekend is going to be a nice, quiet one for me. Next weekend is a Hens Night and the following weekend my brother's birthday, so I'll need to store up some energy I think!

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