Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why are the first ones always the hardest?

This is Zuel...first post, argh, what to say? As longtime lovers of fashion and all things glamorous, we decided to create a blog dedicated to all that we adore. (Also, I am oh so bored at work, so will probably be posting here a lot!)

We're both originally Perth girls, but now live in Melbourne....Maxie has been here for about 8 or 9 years now, but I'm a newbie of 3 months! We have been best friends ever since high school, where we bonded over our combined love of Corey Haim, YSL and Dior Couture, Andy Warhol, french music and 80's movies.

While Corey was becoming a crackhead, we went travelling through Europe, America and Asia, became a make-up artist (Maxie) and a stylist (Zuel) and moved between London and Australia. I also started my own design label (currently jewellery, but moving into other accessories too).

And with that, I must go to lunch :)

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