Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This is me

This is from the recent Yohji Yamamoto show - I want this t-shirt!

Have been rather hard on myself lately, my stomach has been playing up a lot and so I've been really bloated and feeling so fat....I sometimes feel like I have a pretty face, but my body is this mis-shapen lump. Grr - have to also remember that is most likely hormones talking, and my oft-poor-body-image, and I need to try and be positive.

Self-acceptance is so important, and it's something I have to work on most days. But my goal is to accept me for me, and to focus on the positives that I do have rather than unobtainable perfection.

Have started making better food choices as of yesterday, after not really thinking about it for a few months. I also went to the gym, which for me is to keep active rather than killing myself to be skinny. (Meh, it's still boring, but I do like the endorfins afterwards).

Anyway - onward & upward! My holiday in Perth is coming up soon, and I'm very excited.

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