Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zuela Zuela Zuela, does Prada Prada Prada!

I have always been more of a Miu Miu girl, but oh emmm geeee, I freaking loved the Prada SS 2011 Collection. How gorgeous is this dress, in particular? Swoon!

Off for an early birthday celebration with my fantastic boyfriend tonight - I am to meet him in Fed Square after work, and that's all I know! He's pretty great at doing a surprise - I on the other hand, get so excited I almost always spill the beans right away :)

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend and we get a little bit more of that Melbourne sunshine. xoxo

p.s. - speaking of "xoxo" I haven't even seen most of Gossip Girl S3 yet, but am simply hanging out for S4 in Paris. Yay!

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